Are You Getting What You Paid For at Your Nutrition Store?

Are You Getting What You Paid For at Your Nutrition Store?

Nutrition supplements are often marked up significantly more than their raw ingredients cost. Many nutrition-conscious individuals do not know why nutrition supplements cost more and how to get the most use out of their money in the way they source their nutrition supplements.

More Than The Sum of Its Parts

There is a story that talks about a lady who walked to a baker and asked how much for a cake for a wedding. The baker said that the cake the customer was looking at cost $80. The customer looked at the baker and said that all the ingredients only cost $8 from the store, so why doesn’t she pay that much for the cake. The baker agreed to the arrangement and said that the cake would be delivered the next day.

In the morning, the woman walked to the door and saw a box. Excited to see her cake, she opened it up and saw 4 eggs, portions of flour and sugar and some icing ingredients. On the top was a note: “Here is the cake you paid for.”

When you are purchasing an item like a nutrition supplement, you are paying for the expertise that goes along with it. From the scientists and physicians who formulated the product to the retail experts who help you select quality nutrition for your body and lifestyle needs, you are purchasing creative solutions for your health.

Select on Service First

If the cost of service is built into the pricing of nutrition supplements, why would you select an impersonal option like purchasing online or from a large retailer? Even if you save a  little money, you are paying for a service (the custom-selection of proper nutrition for your life) that you don’t use.

When purchasing on nutrition, select a store where the staff are experienced in managing their own health, consulting others on their nutrition, and who understand the product. Then you will get the right solution for your body.