3 Signs You Need a 2 Week Diet Analysis

3 Signs You Need a 2 Week Diet Analysis

Building muscle, living healthy, and loving your body are all difficult things to do if you do not give your body the right supplies to run. Many people do not realize the issues that their body faces from poor nutrition, nor do they know how to manage their diet in such a way as to improve health and well-being. While any health issues need to be discussed with medical professionals, the following are areas that many people do not realize can be effected by their diet.


Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of many different ailments, but if you suffer from fatigue and have not considered your diet, this is something you should consider. The food you eat provides your body both the fuel you need and the material needed to metabolize that fuel. If you are not consuming the right mix of fiber, carbs, protein, and fats, you will not have enough energy. If you are consuming a good mix of nutrients but not getting the right vitamins and minerals necessary for your specific needs, you will be over-exhausted.

A diet analysis with an expert health coach can help you identify nutrients your body may be lacking.

Poor Hunger Cues

If you never remember to eat or always feel that you need to eat, this could be a symptom of diet problems. Doing a diet analysis can help you identify whether you are not getting the right nutrients to help your brain register your hunger levels. Different foods provide different registers to your brain, from feeling full to feeling hungry and desiring the right nutrients. Often times the products in an American diet, like processed sugar and caffeine, cause your brain to misread what your body is telling it and can lead to major diet problems.

Brain Fog

Similar to exhaustion, brain fog can include just a general feeling of inability to think or sadness, depression and other issues. Because our brain needs specific nutrition in order to stay healthy, brain fog is often an under-reported effect of poor diet.

One word of caution on this, if you are experiencing feelings of depression and suicide, please seek immediate help from a mental health professional before you look at your diet.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or just want to live healthier and lose weight, a 2 week diet analysis will help you see how your eating habits effect your health and will give you tools to change the way you eat.