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Valeo Chin-Up/Sit-Up Bar - Valeo Chin-Up/Sit-Up Bar - 736097724054

Valeo Chin-Up/Sit-Up Bar






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SKU 270167
Weight 3.5 lb
Dimensions 2.000” W X 29.250”H X 2.000” D

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Turn you upper body into the perfect V shape by adding the chin-up/sit-up bar to your routine. Holds up 300lbs, Fits doorways 27" to 36" with one telescoping end. Foam covering moves to desired hand position. 2 sets of mounting brackets for easy switch from chin-ups to sit-ups. Sculpt abdominal muscles. Build a bigger, stronger chest. Develop powerful shoulders and back.

Directions: Target Training: 8 minutes a day, 4 times a week, is all you need to target your: Upper Body, including your chest, arms, shoulders and back. Benefits: Use your own weight to build a powerful workout that strengthens your entire upper body. With the chin-up/sit-up bar, you can work out at home whenever you want.