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Valeo Portable Fitness Kit - Valeo Portable Fitness Kit - 736097006181

Valeo Portable Fitness Kit






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SKU 270168
Weight 1.4 lb
Dimensions 6.250” W X 11.000”H X 3.000” D

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Workout Travel Companion. With the Portable Fitness Kit, you can maintain you cardio and strengthening routine no matter where you are. Its the perfect travel companion. Kit Includes: Two Resistance Tubes (Medium and Heavy). Two Handles. Ankle Strap. Door Attachment. Jump Rope. Hand Grip. Mesh Tote Bag. Exercise Chart Enclosed.

Directions: Target Training: Sculpt. A Combined Strength and Cardio Workout. Exercise Anytime, Anywhere. Define Your Upper and Lower Body. 15 Mins. 5x Week. 640 Calories. Target Training: 15, 5 times a week, is all you need to target your: Upper Body, Including the abs, arms, and back; Lower Body, including thighs and calves. Benefits: Develop as sleek physique at home or on the go. The Portable Fitness Kit contains everything you need for a versatile resistance and cardio workout. A jump rope, a hand grip and two levels resistance tubes with accessories all fit into a mesh tote bag.